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How to Hack Facebook Messenger Conversations?

Do you want to know how you can hack into someone’s Facebook account online?

Are you looking for an easy but safe method that will not get you into trouble?

Fortunately, there are several ways to perform this task. And you need not be a tech wiz to do it.

This post will provide you with all the information you should know about the ways to get your hands on someone’s FB conversations. As you go to social media for anything and everything you do, Facebook is a veritable treasure you use to learn about someone’s personal and professional life. Needless to say, this makes it easy for hackers as well as suspicious spouses, boyfriends, or girlfriends to collect information they need.

At the same time, monitoring social media is a boon to parents as they can keep an eye on their teenage kids, as it is easy to fall prey to sexters, online predators, and scammers.

Whatever the reason that makes it necessary for the task, this post will take you through the different methods you can use to break into the Messenger without having access to the login information of the target smartphone.

Read on to know about the different methods, their advantages, and the best way to do this without the person, whose smartphone you are breaking into, suspecting a thing.

Reasons to Hack FB Messenger         

Amidst concerns of high-security risk, Facebook is still one of the most popular social media platforms with a whopping user count of over 2.4 billion monthly. This is because it has an easy interface where you can share pretty much everything you do in a day.

From photos, videos, text messages, video calls, and voice calls to chatting with friends and updating your status, there are plenty of interactive things that can be done on the platform. While this is good enough of a motivation for hacking the Messenger, there are a few more reasons why people want to do this:

  • To access the person’s chats or profile to check out the suspicious activities of someone.
  • Parents wanting to know what their teenage daughter or son is doing online to protect them from getting into trouble.
  • To know about the private details and activities of your boyfriend or girlfriend that they are hiding from you.
  • Just for the fun of being able to peek into someone’s personal chat messages.
  • Hackers access it to steal your identity and use it for malicious purposes.

While the last reason is a bit scary, it is nevertheless true. The interesting part about this is that you don’t need to be a professional to do it successfully. This is mainly possible due to the advanced technologies we have in place now.

While public sharing is a big lure for hackers, it is also easy for a colleague, friend, or acquaintance to pry into your private life through your online profiles.

However, you don’t need to worry as we have provided not only the different ways to access someone’s Messenger, but also the ways to keep your FB profile secure from prying eyes and hackers.

How to Hack Someone’s Facebook Messenger Without Knowing Their Password

If you need to access someone’s FB, but you’re not aware of their password, here are a few commonly used and effective methods. And we have given the simplest solutions that do not require any technical knowledge of programming or computers to perform the trick.            

Method #1 mSpy

If you are looking for a reliable online tool to read others’ messages without a password, we recommend mSpy as the most effective method. mSpy is a comprehensive tracking tool used for stealthy online monitoring that businesses, parents, and individuals find handy to use.

For instance, if you are a parent looking to read the conversations of your teenage daughter or son, the monitoring app can help you. You can read the group chats and all the information, including the recipient, sender, time, date, and information of group chats and conversations.

The most attractive aspect of mSpy is it can be done quickly. You need just three steps to get a hold of someone’s messenger password. And it can be used to access the data on both iOS and Android devices.             

How to Install on Android Phone

The installation process for mSpy is easy. You have to just complete three main steps, which include purchase, download, and installation. The steps are as follows:

Buy mSpy

To buy mSpy, you can choose from the different package varieties on the website. The main subscription choices include Family Kit, Premium package, and Basic package. The license for the packages is of three types, namely 1, 3, and 12 months. So, choose from the variety of offered subscriptions based on your needs.

After the package selection, you must fill in the required information such as name, country, and other details. Once this is completed and confirmed, you will be taken to the payment page where you choose the payment option you want, pay the needed amount, and submit your order.

When the payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation email with details, such as order information, username, password, and a link to the Control Panel.

Download mSpy on Android

1. Read the confirmation email, which has all the necessary information for installation, including access details and the link for download. Ensure your Android device is rooted. You need a stable and strong Internet connection.

2. Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ on your target device. This is necessary for the target phone to accept mSpy software, even if it is not installed through the Play Store.

3. Visit the Security page under ‘Settings’ of the phone and choose ‘Device Administration’ under which you will see the ‘Unknown sources’ option. Enable the option.

4. Now, enter the download link in the phone’s browser. Type the characters in the captcha and start the download. The process takes just a couple of minutes.


1. Access the ‘bt.apk’ file. The ‘Update Service’ page will appear, which will seek permission to spy the target phone. Click the ‘Next’ button and then the ‘Install’ button.

2. A pop-up window with a cautionary message will appear. Check the ‘I understand and still want to install it’ option and tap on, ‘Install Anyway’ option. When the installation is completed, tap on the ‘Open’ button.

3. Access the mSpy app and tap on the ‘Continue’ option and then on the ‘Accept’ option present in the License Agreement screen that appears.

4. Activate the ‘Update Service’ feature by tapping on the Activate button in the update service message screen.

5. Once the installation is over, you can either allow the icon to be visible or hide the icon by opting for ‘Icon is useless. I don’t need it’ feature.

6. Now, enter the registration code given in the online installation guide you received on the purchase of the software. Tap on the ‘Complete Registration’ option.

7. Now, log into your online mSpy Control Panel and enter the number and the name of the target device and tap on the ‘Finish’ button to begin monitoring.

How to Install on iPhone                 

Breaking into the Messenger on iPhone is a bit more troublesome than it would be for Android-operated devices.

The problem is that for the installation on iPhone, you should jailbreak the device. Although you can do the process without jailbreaking via iCloud, to benefit from all features of mSpy jailbreaking is the main requirement. A non-jailbroken device will not allow you to download the apps that are not part of the Apple Store.  Here are the steps for installation on iPhone.

1. Purchase mSpy and follow the same .APK installation instructions as for the Android devices.

2. Cydia application will be seen in jailbroken iPhone devices. Access the application.

3. Enter the download link for mSpy in the Cydia app by visiting the edit page under the Sources option. Tap on the ‘Add Source’ button.

4. The source update is done automatically, and when it is completed, tap on the ‘Return to Cydia’ button.

5. Under the ‘Sources’ feature, find the ‘mtechnology LTD repository’ feature and select it.

6. Go to ‘iPhone Internal Service’ option under ‘All Packages’, install and confirm it.

7. Automatic download and installation will begin. When this is completed, tap on the ‘Restart SpringBoard’ button.

8. The installation will begin immediately after the download is done. On the home screen, tap the mSpy icon, tap on ‘Continue’ and ‘Accept’ options under the ‘License Agreement’ feature.

9. Choose to keep the icon visible or disable this option the same way as on Android devices.

10.  Use the registration code provided in the online installation guide of mSpy, which you can view in your mSpy Dashboard online. Enter the code and tap on the ‘Complete Registration’ button and then on the ‘OK’ button.

11.  Now, go to your mSpy page and tap on the ‘Proceed’ option. Enter details like phone number and name in the boxes provided and tap on ‘Done’. Now, you can access the iPhone device.

How to Use

Once the installation process is over and you can access the target device, log in to the Messenger, and freely access the person’s chat messages, including both the received and sent ones.

The Control Panel of mSpy will have all the chats along with timestamps. You can also remotely check when there is new activity on the person’s page. mSpy allows you to get hold of the password without changing it.            

The various activities you can monitor include:

  • Viewing all chats to find out who someone is messaging and monitoring the outgoing and incoming calls.
  • Knowing the contact information of the people that receive texts from the target device by monitoring group chats.
  • The Keylogger function in mSpy allows users to identify every keystroke done on the target device, which can help you find out passwords and other login details.
  • Allows text message viewing, including details about deleted, received, and sent messages.
  • View all call logs remotely by accessing call history feature in the target device anytime you want.
  • Location tracking in real-time can be done for the target device without the knowledge of the smartphone owner.

More features    

Other monitoring features include:

  • Blocking unwanted numbers from accessing the target device.
  • Read emails (both incoming and outgoing).
  • Monitor instant messages on Viber, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.
  • View the installed apps in the target devices and block dangerous apps.
  • Set danger and safety zones and receive notifications when the target device enters the zones.
  • View browsing history and bookmarks and block out dangerous sites.
  • View the contact list and calendar entries.

Method #2 Reset Password

Resetting the password is one of the easiest ways to access anyone’s profile. To do this, you need to find out the email address connected to the page.

This can be found from the contact information section on the person’s page. Or, you can use scraping tools such as TheHarvester for accessing email addresses. 

The steps to follow are given below:

  • Click on, ‘Forgotten your password’ feature in login and enter the email address of the target. The account of the target will appear. Now click on, ‘This is my Account.’
  • You will be asked whether you prefer to reset your password via email. This will not help. So, you have to click on, ‘No longer have access to these’.
  • For the query, ‘how can we reach you’ enter your email, which is not linked to any other profile.
  • You will be asked a question which, if you know the target, you can make a guess. When you answer the question correctly, you will be able to change the password. After 24 hours, you can log in to the FB account.   
  • If this does not work, click on ‘Recover your account with help from friends’ feature. You can pick 3 to 5 friends. The password will be sent to the friends from whom you can ask the password and enter it on the next page. For this step, you can create three fake FB profiles and add the target as your friend or choose real friends too.

Method #3 Keylogger

Keylogger is a software that records every keystroke done on the keyboard of the target device without the person’s knowledge.

You can download the software manually, and it will capture keystrokes automatically when the device is on and remain undetected. You can also program the keylogging software to send a summary that has all keystrokes through email. This helps to view secret conversations in messenger.

A hardware keylogger is a USB drive that has the keylogging software. Connecting the drive to the target device will help you extract the data of the keystrokes. For swiping passwords remotely, a keylogger that is Wi-Fi enabled can be used.    

How to Hack Into Someone’s Facebook Messenger Without Changing the Password

While it is a bit more difficult to get access to the profile without changing the password, it is still quite possible. Moreover, the biggest advantage of this method is that you can do it without the target being aware of the hacking. Here are three such methods.       

Method #4 Phishing   

A phishing attack, although complex, is a commonly used method to log into someone’s messenger without them getting a notification. Here are the steps needed for this attack:

  • You have to download a specific phishing program used for cracking different social media websites.
  • When you complete the app download, create a fake website that you can use for sending the phishing link to the target device.
  • After you send the link, lure the target to click on the link.

This method is easier than using phishing on Gmail. This is because you can gain access to user credential details the instant, they use the fake site to log in to their FB profile. So, this is a good alternative to the methods on how you can break into the person’s profile without email.

Method #5 Email Address      

Using the email of a person, you can access the FB information. For this method, you can use keylogging as it will give you all login details of the user, which can be used for the hacking.

Another way to use an email is by hacking it directly with Gmail phishing attack. This will give you access to the password of the Gmail profile of the target. With the email address, you can reset the password and break into the FB profile of the person.

With the email, you can make use of the Forgot Password method and request the system to send a link to the email address for resetting the passcode. This is an easy method to acquire the FB password easily if the email is the primary address used by the target.

Method #6 Cookies

Cookies can also be used to get into someone’s profile without their knowledge. Cookies are used by websites for storing information on the hard drive of the smartphone for later retrieval.

The cookies contain sensitive information, which tracks the entire browsing session of a user. You can use the cookies if the Wi-Fi you use is the same as the individual you wish to monitor.

Even if you cannot access the password of that person, you can do cloning of the target and cheat the system to believe that the browser’s authentication is done. This will help you with logging in and starting where the person left off without being caught.

 For storing the harvested cookies, you need extension apps, which you have to add to your browser. These apps will store the cookies on the sidebar of the browser.

Method #7 Use Browser History        

This method of hacking allows you to read others’ Facebook messages without a password. The method involves just a few steps:

  • Open the Facebook profile of your target individual.
  • In the menu option, right-click and select ‘Copy Link Address/Location’ under it. This is to save the link ID on your clipboard.  You will find the link read as http:llwww.facebook.com/profile.php?id=ABC where ABC is the individual you wish to target.
  • Now in the address bar of Google Chrome or any other browser, enter the following code, “javascript: Chat.openTab (ABC)” without the quotes. ABC is the identity of the individual whose account you wish to access.
  • When you click on the enter button, you will be able to see the entire activity history of the user, including the Messenger activities.

Method #8 BeEF

The BeEF method helps to access Facebook credentials if you have installed Kali and have some basic knowledge about Linux and networking. Here are the steps:

  • Download Kali Linux and install it as standalone OS or dual boot on Mac and Windows.
  • Kali has the BeEF (Browser Exploitation Framework) app, which is used to take over the browser of the victim and control it.
  • After booting Kali, click on the cow icon, which will start the BeEF.
  • Now open the IceWeasel browser to access the BeEF interface. Complete login using beef as the username and password.
  • Embed a specially created JavaScript link and get the target user to click on it. You can just embed the code on your website and lure the user into clicking the link with text such as ‘click here to view the video’ or ‘click for more information.’
  • After you have accessed the browser when the user clicks on the link, you will find the IP address, browser type, and operating system on the Hooked Browsers panel found on the left side of the window.
  • When you click the hooked browser, select the ‘Commands’ tab and ‘Modules Tree’ under it.
  • Choose ‘Social Engineering’ under ‘Modules Tree’ to display different social engineering modules.
  • Choose the ‘Pretty Theft’ option. This will open the ‘Module Results History’ page and the ‘Pretty Theft’ window.
  • Through the module, you can send a pop-up window to the user’s browser. Click on the ‘Dialog Type’ option under ‘Pretty Theft.’
  • The options include Windows, Yammer, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Choose Facebook dialog type and click on the ‘Execute’ option present at the bottom part of the page.
  • On clicking the ‘Execute’ button, the victim’s browser will receive an expired session notification and request the user to re-enter credentials.
  • When the target user enters the email address and password it will appear in the ‘Command Results’ window in your BeEF interface.

Method #9 Wi-Fi

The limitations present in the network security of Wi-Fi can be used to break into someone’s Facebook using your computer. The steps include:

  • Download, install and launch Kali Linux OS
  • Open the terminal window and change the routing table
  • With the help of a spoofing program, you can make your PC act as the webserver of the target.
  • Use your PC to collect information, such as passwords and other details. The information is generally encrypted.
  • Use a decryption program for decoding information and accessing the password.

How to Hack FB Messenger Without Downloading Anything

You can also access FB messenger without any download. There are some easy and best ways by which you can do this process.          

Method #10 Online Hacking Tools

There are online tools that can crack Facebook in as little as 3 minutes. These Facebook messenger hacking apps use a web-based software program that does not require any download or installation. You have to just enter the URL address of the victim’s FB profile and click on, ‘Hack Account’ option.             

Method #11 Real Hackers

Real hackers offer their services to break into Facebook and other social media profiles. They can complete such tasks in just 3 minutes or less. The real pros use methods like Brute Force Attack, cookie theft, trojan attack, phishing, keyloggers, etc.         

How to Protect Your Facebook Account?

With so many methods available for breaking into Facebook, you can easily fall prey to scammers. To protect your page from malicious hackers, here are some measures you can use:

  • Avoid saving your passwords on the public devices you use.
  • After a browsing session, make sure you log out. A logged-in account makes it easy for hackers to access your account.
  • Use a multi-factor authentication method that sends an authentication message every time you or any other person tries to log in. Third-party software apps are also available in addition to the verification used by Facebook.
  • Clear browser data to avoid phishing and virus attacks, which are usually found in torrent and porn sites. Or, use an adware clearing tool to do the task.
  • Use spyware, adware, and malware removing tools to avoid your browser from being hacked via malicious software.

Is It Legal?

Hacking into a Facebook account or messenger app or any other social media platform is considered illegal, with some exceptions. These include certain situations, such as:

  • A parent of a teenager or minor child wanting to monitor the kid’s activities.
  • An employer is allowed to access the company phone of his employees after receiving proper consent regarding it.

For all other purposes, you have to abide by the hacking and privacy laws of your jurisdiction.

Final Words  

In general, it is not easy to get access to another person’s phone. At the same time, the task is not a difficult one if you set your mind to it.

The different variety of methods mentioned above show how it can be done. While some of these you may be familiar with already, you need a safe, quick, and effective method to use, if you are a parent or employee looking to monitor securely.

Of the various methods used, mSpy offers the most reliable and safe solution for accessing Facebook Messenger on Android and iPhone devices. It can access the person’s conversations, chats, and other account information. You can also view the profile pictures, media, and even the chat history.

For worried parents and cautious employers, mSpy offers a comprehensive set of features that will keep their mind relaxed and free with the extent of knowledge access it provides.

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