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How to Hack Someone’s Email Account – Maybe, It’s Free?

Imagine finding yourself in a stressful situation where you suspect you’re dealing with deceit, betrayal, or worse, and in such a case, the question of how to hack someone’s email becomes worthwhile. Your gut says something is going on behind the scenes, but you have no proof to validate it. A confrontation will likely yield nothing more than disagreement and possibly a falling out. Such a conflict would be even more painful if you turned out to be completely misinformed about what was truly going on.

In today’s society, given how much our lives take place online, relationships are becoming more and more challenging to manage. Is there a way to leverage our online habits to dig out the truth when we feel deceived?

A big part of our lives sits dormant in our inboxes, whether we realize it or not. The emails we send and receive are full of information that can reveal what’s really going on in both our professional and personal lives. That’s why getting access to someone’s email account is super helpful, especially if you doubt their loyalty or feel they might be hiding something important.

Regardless of how uninformed you are about online hacking, it’s a real thing. People are paying as little as $129 to hack both email and social media accounts. If you’ve ever wondered whether it could be possible to hack into someone’s email account, this article will show you exactly how to do it.

Reasons to Hack an Email Account

What would cause someone to hack others’ email accounts? There are many reasons.

#1. Forgot passcode: If you forget your passcode and attempt to log in too many times, sometimes, the site will lock you out for security reasons. In such instances, it helps to know how to hack into the email account manually.

#2. Suspicion of cheating: This is a simple way of digging up for proof if you suspect that your spouse or partner is having an affair. Often we can get a gut feeling that something is off, but it can be too premature to have a full-on confrontation. Instead of creating conflict or spending a ton of money hiring an investigator, hacking into someone’s email account can often reveal some of the secrets they might be hiding.

#3. Parental control: This has become increasingly popular in our society as more teens own mobile phones and carry out most of their activities online. Being able to hack into their email account and monitor their activities in the background is a great way to regain your peace of mind. You will have the ability to know the type of conversations they are having and possibly protect them from online predators.

#4. For Business reasons: If you are concerned that your employees are using their time inefficiently or perhaps even leaking sensitive company information, hacking their company email accounts can be the perfect solution.

#5. For fun: While not many people do it, for this reason, there are those who learn to hack into email accounts as a pastime hobby. Maybe they want to nosy around their classmates or friends’ inboxes. Or perhaps you are intrigued by the idea of hacking someone’s email account and would like to learn how the process works and how to protect yourself from malicious hacking.

If you are genuinely interested in learning how to hack into someone’s email accounts easily, there’s an email hacking software that can help you do it fast. Let’s talk about what it is and how it works.

How to Get Into Someone’s Email Account Without A Password

If you’d like to access someone’s email account without their password, below are the different options you have for doing so.

#1. Resetting The Account Password

Did you know you could hack an email account without knowing your target’s password? All you need is a way to reset their account and click on the “Recover password” link. 

If you’re trying to access a site like Gmail, it could be that you need access to the target’s messaging device because most of their verification comes through text messages. That’s where having a robust spy software application that works on stealth mode to access text messages, email, and other features become useful. Let’s talk about that next.

#2. mSpy

If you are wondering how to hack email accounts in a very easy method, mSpy is one of the best spy software applications in the marketplace that can help you monitor your target device and hack into someone’s email. Installing this app is fairly simple and requires only a few minutes to complete.

• First, you need to choose your subscription, make a purchase, and download the app. 

• Follow the installation guide that you’ll receive in a welcome email, and you’ll be taken to the dashboard where you can gain access to the desired email account.

• Make sure you have access to the target’s device at least the first time if you want to gain access to depending on the type of device you’re targeting. 

Hence, if you are still wondering ‘how to hack an email account without changing the password,’ mSpy comes in handy.

#3. Keylogger

For those who are wondering how to get someone’s email password, mSpy makes this approach super easy because it automatically captures every keystroke that the target types on the device you monitor. This is one of the easiest methods of hacking into someone’s email account that you can use. By using mSpy, you don’t need special skills to hack an email account, simply follow the steps outlined for downloading and installing the spy software, and you can access the desired email account remotely. Hence, with such mSpy’s feature, you are aware of how to find someone’s email password.

#4. Online Cracking Tools 

In recent years, many email password cracker tools have been developed, and among the top-rated include Wfuzz, which uses brute force to hack into someone’s email. Some of the main features include multithreading, brute force HTTP password, and creating time delays between requests. Other cracking tools you can download and test include Cain and Abel, John the Ripper, and THC Hydra. 

#5. Browser’s Password Manager 

Certain browsers, like Google Chrome, make it easy to access someone’s email and password. Let’s mention the main ones.


• First click on the right corner icon or go to chrome://settings/manager profile.

• Click on the Edit person or chrome://settings/people then sign out.

• Using your Gmail account or another account that you know the password for, you can sign in again to Chrome, and this time you’ll see the option of the previous Gmail account. By choosing “this was me,” and clicking continue, you gain access to all saved passwords, form fields, bookmarks, and history without knowing the target’s password.


Safari stores all the saved passwords on the Mac computer, which you can access by clicking the top left corner of the menu bar followed by “preferences.” When you click “passwords,” you will be able to see the currently stored username and passwords. By checking the autofill box, you will automatically have the ability to access all saved usernames and passwords on all existing iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod that are associated with that account. Hacking a Mac is quite complicated and makes it very difficult to do without the special assistance of a spy software app like mSpy.


You can easily view someone’s email passwords on Firefox by doing the following. 

  • Head over the target’s Firefox browser and find the “options” tab. 
  • Click on it to reveal a pop-up that will enable you to go into “Security” tabs and then “Show Passwords.” 
  • Under Passwords, you’ll notice a section “Saved passwords.” By clicking on the website that you want to gain access to, an icon “Show passwords” will appear, which will reveal the site URL, Username, and Password associated with that link.

 #6. Phishing 

Phishing happens when you get an email from a site that looks credible and trustworthy. It solicits confidential information such as passwords, phone numbers, etc. for the site that’s being imitated from a fraudulent website. 

In this case, you would need to be the fraudulent site masking as a credible site that the target can easily trust. For example, if you pretend to be Google and ask the target to reconfirm their data, including their password, they are more likely to do it. If they attempt to enter their credentials, you can get their details right away. Just make sure you don’t make any spelling errors.

#7. Plain Grabbing

Did you know that most people use the same password for different sites? Hackers have come to learn of this fact, and so should you. If the person you’re monitoring tends to repeat passwords, you can likely hack that email account without software help. However, you need to make sure there are no extra security protocols created with the account. It’s probably only going to work if you know the person enough to access the other sites they are visiting.

#8. Browser Extensions 

This method involves stealing access to the email account indirectly. Many hackers create fake browser extensions to bait undiscerning victims, so they can eventually gain access to their email accounts. If you want to use this method, you will need to create a browser extension that your target can willingly add on their browser. Then, of course, once they need to fix it, you’ll need to receive their data to help with that, and that creates your window of opportunity for easy access email hacking.

 #9. Trojan Horses

A Trojan horse is a malicious program that disguises itself as a lucrative offer for the victim to download it. Once downloaded, it hijacks, monitors, and records information on the computer without being detected. So this is a program that you create and hide inside software like a media file or something you know your target will find appealing. Once they do it, you’ll be able to acquire all their logs and credentials.

 #10. Browser Vulnerabilities 

If the target device is susceptible to browser vulnerabilities, you can use it to your advantage. Sites with out-dated PHP or not using SSL are more vulnerable and, therefore, easier to hack. You can send a URL to the targeted user that contains both a genuine URL and a malicious program. As the target browses, since they trust the genuine part, you can access their computer (depending on the program) or ask for information that helps you hack into their email account.

 #11. Self XXS Scam

This one is good old scamming where a person tricks you into believing they can help you hack into someone’s email account. By clicking their link or downloading some malicious code, you give them access to your data instead. To use this on your target, you’d need to know they are looking to hack into an email account or at least interested in learning how to crack passwords. It is, unfortunately, a vicious and highly fraudulent trick that we wouldn’t recommend. There are more ethical ways of getting what you want, which we are about to show you.

How to Log Into Someone’s Email Account Without Them Knowing (No Getting a Notification)  

The easiest way to hack into someone’s email without his or her password would be to get the mSpy app. More specifically, through the keyloggers feature. The reason this works so well is that mSpy keylogger records all keyboard input.

To acquire this capability, you need to download and install the spy app on the target device after purchasing the software, of course. The spy app works in stealth mode and will be undetectable to the user.

Once he or she logs into their Gmail account, it will record the keystrokes used. Then you can access both the login credentials as well as the entire email account.

How to Hack Email Account Password Online for Free  

mSpy offers a free trial that can enable you to hack an email address and experience its world-class app before investing. You can request your free trial here.

With the mSpy app, you can preview all the information of sent and received emails from your online Control Panel. You will also see all the exchanged multimedia data and record keystrokes if you need to access other login credentials for the person you’re monitoring. While the app is compatible with most devices, some require a special process to hack someone’s email.

For Android

mSpy works with Android, but you will need to gain physical possession of the device to install mSpy the first time. Once you install, it will go on stealth mode and become undetectable to the user. You’ll then be free to read all emails, both income and outgoing.

For iPhone

Depending on your iOS version, you might need to jailbreak the device. However, in most cases, you don’t need to gain physical access to the device as long as you have the Apple ID and passwords.

How to Protect Your Email Account from Hackers 

Now that you are familiar with the process of hacking into someone’s email, we want to share a few ways you can protect your account.

• Create a secure password and change it frequently.

This is the lowest hanging fruit. You can do it immediately. Regularly change your passwords and make sure you use strong random characters, letters, and numbers that make it hard for anyone (especially people who know you) to guess. If you’re worried about forgetting the password, consider getting an app like LastPass to store difficult passwords.

• Get a VPN.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) tool can help protect you online because it routes your connection through a server that hides all your online activity. Because your movement online is encrypted, it’s hard for a hacker to track what you are doing, where you’re located, or even trace your data.

• Activate two-factor authentication.

Many email providers are encouraging users to activate this feature, which can be extremely helpful. It offers a layer of protection against email hackers. This works because a hacker would need more than just a password to access the account. A standard two-factor authentication involves receiving a code in text messages that expire within a few minutes. Without this, no one would access the account even if they got the passcode and username right.

• Watch out for suspicious-looking emails.

We talked about phishing emails and how you can use it to hack into someone’s email. Now that you are aware of this trick, don’t fall for it. Anytime you’re asked to enter confidential information, such as your password, phone or account number, etc., beware. The signals to watch out for include mismatched URL, poor grammar, unsafe or insecure browser connection, and the list goes on and on.

Is It Legal?

It is legal to monitor online activity and emails if you are dealing with a minor or employees using your device in the office. Otherwise, hacking into someone’s email account is obviously not advised unless you have their consent or in the case of emergency or threat. Using spyware software like mSpy, a legal application, you will gain access to their email account without them knowing.

Final Words 

Although there are many more ways you can hack into someone’s email account, the ones mentioned here should be sufficient in getting the job down. However, you should know most of these methods are either time-consuming, too complicated, or endangering you and your target in the long run. If you want a safe and straightforward way to hack someone’s email, we would recommend using a reliable, proven email hacker tool like mSpy.

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