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How to Hack Snapchat – Safest Method You Never Knew About

Snapchat has become the social media app of choice for Millennials and Generation Z in the last few years. Introducing a unique way of communications through pictures, emojis, and other visual elements, Snapchat now has over 200 million active users all over the world.

While the hip social media app has introduced a new dimension to two-way digital communication and made texting fun, there are instances where the app can become too intrusive and start to affect people’s lives.

The best and probably the worst feature of Snapchat is its built-in privacy. All the texts and snaps you send get deleted once the person you’re chatting with has seen them.

This is great for privacy reasons but it also enables people to be sneaky and cheat on their spouses, deceive their parents, or hide a part of their lives that shouldn’t be hidden from their loved ones.

This type of behavior can be life-altering for many who have to live with the uncertainty of their partner being disloyal or their precious child becoming a victim of something that can take a heavy emotional toll.

These are the instances where you need a Snapchat hack that works. Not because you can snoop but because you can achieve the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Why Would You Need to Hack Snapchat?

We all know this isn’t an ideal way to acquire information but there are times when it becomes impossible to simply talk to the person you’re concerned about. They are already not being themselves and pressurizing them to reveal what’s going on can backfire.

That’s why there are multiple unfortunate scenarios where you might need to hack someone’s Snapchat account.

Catching your cheating spouse

It’s an unfortunate consequence of unique privacy features that Snapchat has turned into a go-to app for cheating partners. Since the messages they send and receive disappear automatically, they have little to no concern of getting caught.

However, when you see your partner or spouse is spending unusual amount of time on Snapchat and being sneaky about it, it’s an obvious red flag which you can’t ignore. And for many people, talking it out isn’t an option as there is no evidence and they can simply deny it. In order to be sure, you have no choice but to use an effective Snapchat hack tool.

Find out why your child is acting strange

Another concern for parents is when their young children get addicted to Snapchat and they have no way to find out who they’re talking to. That’s not only emotionally upsetting but could potentially be a serious psychological and even physical risk for the safety of the kids. That’s why if your child is using Snapchat more than usual, you might need to keep an eye on them.

Snapchat is an ideal tool for catfishers and predators due to its privacy features. It means you need to learn how to hack into someone’s Snapchat account without their password so you can ensure your child is protected and not talking to random people who can pose a threat.

Playing a prank on your best friend

Deciding to spy on Snapchat isn’t always about your concerns, it can be for fun too. If you’ve a friend with whom you share an amazing bond and know wouldn’t mind a harmless prank, you can use a special tool to get the required information. You just need to ensure that you’re not being unnecessarily intrusive and only acquiring the information you need to play your prank.

Method # 1 – Use mSpy

If you are looking for a hassle-free and safe way for Snapchat password hack to monitor activity on someone’s phone, there is no better tool than mSpy. It’s a discreet and secure mobile monitoring application that can help you to get into someone’s Snapchat account and see what they’re up to. While it is not free, the functionality that it offers is definitely worth the price. Following are some of the primary features of mSpy:

Hack Snapchat Messages

Not only you can monitor the current online conversations but you gain access to chat history of the target user. You can see all sent, received, and even deleted messages with time stamps. This allows you to contextualize the facts and find out whether the person you care about is in trouble or not.

Hack Snapchat Pictures, Photos & Videos

Apart from the textual conservation, mSpy also enables you to track the exchange of visual communication as well. You can see all the pictures, photos and videos that are being shared in real-time as well as the ones that have previously been exchanged. Another helpful feature for you especially if you’re trying to figure out whether your partner is being unfaithful.

Hack Snapchat Username and Password

If you want to gain access to someone’s Snapchat account, mSpy is the perfect tool to have. It has a keylogger which is a tool that gathers a complete record of all the words, letters, special characters, and numbers typed on the target phone. You don’t need to search for online hacking tutorials that don’t even work because this feature lets you check pretty much everything that is being typed on the device.

Complete Digital Activity Monitoring Solution

The best thing about mSpy is that it’s not specifically made for Snapchat. It means that you can spy on all the online activity on the target user’s phone without even needing access to their device.

·  Voice Calls – With mSpy, you have the ability to monitor all outgoing and incoming voice calls along with their duration, complete caller information and timestamps.

·  SMS – All the messages your child or spouse receives or sends through their phone can be viewed easily along with contact information and timestamps. You can even see deleted texts.

·  GPS Location – Using the location function on the target device, mSpy keeps you updated about your spouse or child’s real-time location, their routes and the places they have visited.

·  Browser History – What your partner, child, or other family member is searching online can be useful to your quest. The mSpy tool allows you to see all of the browsing history with bookmarks and timestamps.

·  Social & IM Apps – Apart from monitoring Snapchat, mSpy can be used to spy on iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, Line, Hangout, Skype, Gmail, and other social media and instant messaging apps.

·  Other Activity – Moreover, you can also view other data and activity on their phone such as contacts, emails, installed apps, calendar and Wi-Fi networks.

How to Install mSpy on Android & iPhone

Great thing about mSpy is that it operates in a stealth mode ensuring your partner or child never figure it out that they’re being monitored. There’s no app icon on the target phone which may alert the user. This online spy tool uses innovative remote access technology to deliver all the information you’re looking for without leaving any trace on the phone. It is also compatible with both iPhones and Android devices.

Installing mSpy on iPhones – You won’t have any difficulties with the installation process and there is no need for complex and time-consuming steps like jailbreaking. To install mSpy on iOS devices, you don’t need any physical access to the device. All you need is iCloud credentials of the target device. Apple devices back up all user data through its iCloud service. That data gets synced with Apple’s online servers and mSpy uses the email ID and password to get all the information you’re looking for which gets uploaded to your account on mSpy’s website.

Installing mSpy on Android phone – Android deployment is also quite user-friendly. Due to security reasons, you do need to have physical possession of the phone or the tablet, but only for a few minutes. The mSpy app completes the installation process within minutes and the icon disappears as soon as it’s installed leaving no footprint of any malicious activity behind. The app is only around 2 megabytes in size taking almost no storage space on the target phone. Once you’ve found out the required information, it is possible to uninstall the app remotely without accessing the device.

Method #2 Using Forgot Your Password Feature

The most familiar method that occurs to people is resetting the password through ‘Forgot Your Password’ option. However, it requires access to the email account associated with the target user’s Snapchat. If you have the access, you can click on the Forgot Your Password button, enter the email address and then reset the password through email.

The drawback here is that the target user can receive a notification on their screen, asking to verify it was them making the changes. Apart from that, you might also need to reset the password again if they change their password in the future.

Method #3 Hacking Snapchat with SMS

Snapchat also allows users to reset their password through a text. Another feature you can exploit to spy on the device. All you need to do is click on Forget Your Password button and choose Reset Password via SMS option. Snapchat sends a verification code through SMS to the phone number associated with the Snapchat ID.

The big issue with this method is you need physical access to the target device so you can view the verification code and delete the SMS. You will also have to reset it once again if your kid or spouse change their Snapchat password.

Method #4 Snapchat Verification Code Hack

Snapchat sends verification codes through email or SMS to ensure the person resetting the password has the authority to do so. In order to change the password through verification code, you’d need access to the target’s device which can prove to be a challenge especially if someone is trying to hide what’s going on in their digital lives.

To get the verification code, you will have to wait for your kid or spouse to sleep or go into the bathroom so you can retrieve the code and delete the SMS. If you don’t delete the text, that’ll be a clear giveaway. A better way to get verification code is to activate mSpy which will capture the digits without leaving any trace behind.

Method #5 Breaking into Email to Hack Snapchat

‘Forgot Your Password’ method can only work if you’ve access to the email or the target user’s device. It’s less risky to do it through email since you can log in on any device. But first, you need to figure out the password associated with the email. The best way to find out the email password is to use mSpy for keylogging. It will reveal the password and you would be able to access the inbox to reset the password.

But again, there’s the same drawback. Once the user changes their passwords, you will need to do this all over again which will make them awfully suspicious and they might actively start looking for the individual trying to hack into their accounts.

Method #6 Hiring a Real Hacker

If you are not sure about finding the right Snapchat hacking trick that works, one of the options is to hire a real hacker. Having said that, it comes with a lot of downsides. First of all, you can’t trust a stranger with all the sensitive and personal information related to your loved one. There’s no guarantee that they will only share it with you. They can create a backup or share the information online, especially if there are nude pictures on the device.

Moreover, real hackers who know how to break into social media accounts don’t do it for cheap. They can charge you hundreds and even thousands of dollars depending on the nature and extent of information you need.

Method #7 Installing Snapchat Hack Tools

Another way to spy on Snapchat photos and texts is through apps available on smartphone stores. The problem with these apps is that they’re not only fake but are elaborate scam programs designed to con you out of your money. Many of these apps show thumbnails in their app preview with complex coding that looks like hack is in progress, but any developer will tell you that all of it is just a farce.

These apps ask you to complete online surveys or buy certain features to reveal the results but they don’t have anything valuable to show. You’d be better off trying some other method.

How to Hack Snapchat without Log in Credentials

If you are looking for a way to hack someone’s account, you need to be smart about it. Trying to find out log in credentials isn’t only risky but you’d need to repeat the process again if the user changes their password. The only way to spy on Snapchat conversations along with other online activity remotely without going through the hassle of figuring out the password is to use an online spy app like mSpy.

Hack Snapchat on Android Phone

For Android smartphones, mSpy can be installed on the target device within minutes and you will never need to physically access the device again, even for uninstalling the app. It leaves no icon or digital footprint behind ensuring your activity remains concealed while you acquire the required information through an online control panel which you can sign into from anywhere on any device.

Hack Snapchat on iPhone

The mSpy monitoring tool doesn’t require you to jailbreak the target iPhone and can be deployed through the iCloud account. You don’t need to have physical possession of the device to make it work. The app provides you with a control panel to monitor all the online activity including Snapchat conversations, shared photos and videos, and other stuff without the user knowing a thing.

Spy on Snapchat without Downloads

Many online spy tools require you to download the app on the target device which is a dead giveaway. The strange icon can raise suspicion and can lead to further scrutiny and the user may end up deleting the app. That’s why remote spy apps like mSpy is the best solution which doesn’t require to download the app on the target phone. On Android, you do have to install it on the user’s phone but the icon disappears. Moreover, the size is even less than 2 MB which doesn’t take any space.

How to Hack Snapchat with No Survey

If you’re using a spy app to hack into someone’s Snapchat account and it is asking you to fill survey before providing access to the conversation, odds are it’s absolutely fake. Most of these applications that ask you to fill surveys, install certain apps, or buy some features are just a way to lure you in and then nothing actually happens. You never get access to the target user’s Snapchat history or conversations.

The only way to hack Snapchat that doesn’t require you to fill surveys is by using a remote spy app like mSpy.

How to Tell If My Snapchat Account Is Hacked

If you are suspicious that your Snapchat account has been compromised then there are a few ways to find out. The hacker can use a spying app like mSpy or other advanced methods like phishing or public Wi-Fi vulnerability exploit. Here is a little guide on how to identify whether your Snapchat has been hacked:

·  Closely observe your Snapchat account for any strange activity, especially texts and photos that you haven’t sent or received. If your friends aren’t seeing the texts and snaps, you’re sending or worse they’re receiving messages you never sent, there’s definitely someone who has unauthorized access to your account.

·  Another way to is to take a look at your profile, user settings, bitmojis, recent emojis, avatar, and other activity associated with your account. If you see any changes that you haven’t made, there’s a chance that someone else is using your Snapchat account.

·  One more method is to observe your online data usage. If your phone is getting hot and consuming a lot of data, it could be a sign that someone else is accessing or monitoring your phone remotely.

·  It’s very difficult to tell if the smartphone has been hacked when it’s done through a spy app like mSpy. All you can do is see whether your phone is acting weird, if there are app glitches, phone getting hot, excessive battery drain etc.

What to Do If My Snapchat Account Is Hacked

If you believe that the hacker has used Wi-Fi vulnerability or phishing method to spy on your Snapchat account and phone, you can get rid of him by changing all your passwords and login details. However, you’d also need to shut down the exploit they used. To cover that, you can install a firewall and an anti-virus software to keep hackers at bay.

On the other hand, if the hacker is using a remote spy app, there’s no choice but to factory reset your device and change your cloud credentials.

Is Snapchat Hacking Illegal?

There is a fine line between monitoring someone’s activity because it directly affects you and intruding someone’s personal life for malicious reasons. Many times, the legality depends on your intent. Having said that, using remote spy apps and trying to change password through email or phone recovery features is perfectly legal. However, hiring a hacker to break into someone’s Snapchat account is a felony for which you can be charged.

Final Word

After taking a look at all the methods you can use to hack someone’s Snapchat account, we recommend you to use a reliable remote spying and tracking app like mSpy. The hacking methods that involve resetting password through email, verification code or SMS are too risky as the user can easily find out their password has been changed and reset it. Changing the password again and again won’t only raise red flags for the target user but your internet service provider might also find it suspicious.

It means that with the exception of mSpy, all the other methods are too time-consuming, risky, expensive or simply not practical, especially hiring a real hacker. On the other hand, mSpy provides all the features you’re looking for in a safe and affordable package that enables you to hack a Snapchat account with ease. You don’t need any technical knowledge for jailbreaking or rooting the target smartphone and have the ability to access the activity through a remote web portal. They also have an around-the-clock Customer Support team that can help you with any queries.

In terms of ease of use, price, performance, privacy, and reliability, there are very few spy apps that can compete with mSpy. If you want a seamless method to hack a Snapchat account, mSpy is your best bet.

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