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Kik Hacking App – Super Easy Kik Hack Methods

Kik is a Canadian messaging app that’s becoming popular across several age groups today, and the question of how to hack a Kick becomes common. While numerous users use Kik as their primary mode of communication, others take time to exploit the weakness in the platform’s armor.

Despite the numerous updates on the Kik messenger, it remains hackable. Although hacking is ethically wrong, you might need it to deactivate your account, spy on your cheating spouse, access your child’s chats, or merely to ensure that your employees are honest.

If you’re looking for the best route to hack a Kik account, you’ve come to the right place. This article will enlighten you on the best way to break into someone’s Kik like a Hollywood hacker. 

Let’s begin the lessons on how to hack someone’s Kik no survey.

Three Primary Reasons Why People Hack Kik Accounts

You may have your own reasons to hack a Kik account on mobile. But the most common are the following ones.

  • Suspicion on Spouse

Hacking a Kik account is one way to confirm your hunch when someone acts suspiciously. For example, you might fear that your fiancé is having a secret affair. You can verify this suspicion by accessing her Kik account to dig through the chat history.

  • Parental Control

Children often become rebellious during their teenage phase, and it’s a parent’s job to ensure they are away from trouble. If you feel your teen is either getting cyberbullied or might be a part of something illegal, hacking their Kik account is one way to confirm your suspicion.

  • Entertainment 

Although hacking a person’s Kik account is morally wrong, it’s a unique way to pass the time and get a glimpse into the true individual’s nature. It gives you access to their chat history, private messages, and the media files that they exchange on Kik.

How to Hack Someone’s Kik without a Survey

The best way to break into a Kik account without a survey is through mobile spy apps. Such software allows you to monitor all the user’s activity on Kik. With it, you can easily get all your target’s chat texts to your user-friendly dashboard. 

One of the most effective spy apps is mSpy. The software keeps an accurate record of the user’s activities on Kik and sends them directly to the screen for you to see. The log recorded by the mSpy app includes messages, monitor timestamps so that you will be able to view the time and date of every Kik message.

Method #1 – mSpy

mSpy is the world’s most effective way to retrieve someone’s Kik activities. The software has a user-friendly interface and will supply all the keystrokes made on your target’s mobile device. Hence, such a Kik hack app will enable you to track all your target’s conversations on Kik, and even see the certain time and date of every sent or received message on Kik.

With it, you also get to access your target’s call logs, text messages, social media messages, browser history, contacts, and many more. This Kik hacking tool is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

How to Install mSpy on Android phone

If you wish to hack a Kik account on Android, be sure that the installation process is hassle-free as long as you follow the instructions below.

Step 1:

Visit the mSpy’s official website, purchase your preferred subscription, and create an account. The subscription fees are affordable, and the registration process is relatively quick.

Step 2: 

Install mSpy into the Android device of your target. Do this by going to Settings, click Security, then enable the phone to Accept apps from unknown sources.

Step 3: 

Install the hack Kik APK file of the mSpy app into the Android device of your target. Afterward, you can log into your mSpy account and start monitoring your target’s Android.

How to Install mSpy on iPhone

For those who are looking for a way to hack a Kik account on iPhone before attempting installation, ensure that the target iPhone is jailbroken.

Step 1: 

After creating your mSpy account, proceed to insert the link into the Cydia app and tap on the “Add source” option.

Step 2:

Once the update is complete, return to the Cydia app to download the new source software. Click on “Restart SpringBoard” immediately after the download is done.

Step 3:

Open the mSpy app through the home screen, and accept the license agreements. Ensure you delete the app icon from the home screen to remain undercover.

Step 4

Click on “Complete registration” and proceed to your mSpy account to insert the user’s name and number afterward, the iPhone’s log records will display on your dashboard.

How to Use mSpy

After a successful installation, mSpy will automatically display the log of the target phone to your Control Panel. The Control Panel is a part of your mSpy account, which you can access via any browser or device. 

Hence, from now, you can track all your target’s activities on Kik. Just sign in to the mSpy’s dashboard, go to the Kik section, and voila, feel free to read all the conversations that your target person has sent or received. 

If you have suspicions that your spouse is cheating on you, ask them with whom they’re communicating with on Kik, and then easily catch a cheater with mSpy.

Kik features

Monitor Kik chats

With a Kik account tracker, you can easily find out who your target is texting to. Hence, you will be able to see every sent and received message on Kik and details on the exact time and date.

Track Kik contacts

It is very important to be aware of who your target is communicating with on Kik. Hence, mSpy provides you with details on every sender.

Monitor Kik photos

Kik is a messenger that allows its users to exchange media files. Hence, with mSpy, your spying mission will succeed if you take care of this area.

Calls & Text Messages

Most of the communication today happens through text messages. Hence, mSpy provides you with a feature that allows you to see all sent, received and even deleted messages.

Also, mSpy gets access to call logs. With this feature, you will be able to access all incoming and outgoing calls along with the contact number, and timestamps.

Browse Internet history

mSpy allows you to monitor what sites your target person has visited. Hence, if you worry that your children, for example, visit websites with inappropriate content, you can quickly protect them from online harm using a website blocking feature.

Location Tracking

With this feature, you can see your target current location on a detailed map. Also, you can set up so-called ‘safe zones,’ and if a target goes out from them you will be notified.

Method #2 – Reset Password 

Although a password reset isn’t considered hacking, it’s still an excellent way to get access to a Kik account.

The process is simple, open the Kik app, tap Settings, select the account, click the “Change password” option, insert the old password, enter a new one, and then save your changes.

Another way to do the password reset is to insert the registered email or username of the Kik account into the “Reset password” section. Afterward, the link for a new password will be sent to the email on the Kik account.

Remember, you must have access to the Kik account’s email or old password, else you won’t be able to reset it.

Method #3 – Keylogger

A Keylogger is one of the most effective ways to get access to a Kik account covertly. It is a virtual surveillance software that monitors every keystroke made on the target phone – whether Android or iPhone. It’s also the best process to hack a Kik password.

Method #4 – Phishing

Phishing uses email to convince an individual to log into a site, thereby revealing his/her login information. The reason to log into the phishing site is numerous. You can pose as a reputable company, the bank, government survey, etc. – use your imagination.

For example, “Dear Email User, your password on your Kik account needs to be renewed within the next seven days. This is a result of our system upgrade, which will deactivate the accounts without a new password. Please visit this link to make swift changes. Thank you”.

Method #5 – Hack Email Account

Getting access to the email registered on your target’s Kik is another way to control the account. However, breaking into an email is relatively tricky, but you can use tools like a mSpy’s Keylogger or phishing site to access it. This process is the best method to hack a Kik account with no download.

If you haven’t mastered phishing and keylogging yet, there’s a method you can apply to hack into someone’s phone with just their phone number. Insert the person’s email address into Gmail (if it’s a Gmail account), click the Forgot password, and send the request information to your target’s phone.

After that, you will pose as Gmail and send a text message similar to “we have noticed a malicious activity on your Gmail account, kindly resend the reset information given to you.” After the target sends the reset information, you can proceed to reset a temporary password.

The best part about hacking the Kik account via email is that you can do it with a mobile/smartphone. In other words, it’s the best way to hack someone’s Kik without a computer.

Method #6 – Password Cracker

A Kik password cracker guesses or recovers a password from the previous data that’s stored on the system. This Kik password finder is often used to get unauthorized access into an account or retrieve a forgotten password.

Method #7 – Hacker’s Software

If you’d prefer to go all-out on a Kik hack, you can opt for professional hacking software. Although these applications require a firm understanding of computer science, they are easy to master. Just go to the website, fill out a survey, download a .exe file, and enter the victim’s Kik username.

Method #8 – Wi-Fi 

Thanks to the numerous spy apps on the Internet, you can access Kik files within another person’s phone via Wi-Fi. Whether it’s a smartphone (Android or iOS), or a PC, you can hack into the device and retrieve any file you wish.

However, before you go online to search for this software, keep in mind that most of them contain viruses that might damage your device.

How To Hack Kik Messenger without Downloading Anything

For you to efficiently break into a Kik account, you’ll need to download a few tools and apps. However, if you prefer to go through the long route, use any of the following methods:

Phishing Sites: 

You can trick the account owner into revealing his/her Kik username and password through a phishing site. You’ll first need to send a convincing email that’ll require him/her to click a link that directs him/her to the phishing website.

Email Hacking

Hacking the email address for your target Kik account will undoubtedly give you access to the profile. This method will require you to perfect email hacking skills.

How to Hack Someone’s Kik without Them Knowing

If you want to snoop around someone’s Kik messenger without them knowing, you’ll need a sophisticated tool like mSpy. You can install it on the target phone remotely, and this way, you will never be detected. Once you install software on the target phone, you can spy on their Kik account without any notification.

How to Hack Someone’s Kik Messages Easily

The best method to quickly access someone’s Kik messages is by using a spy app like mSpy. This software offers a wide range of features that lets you see the person’s activities without having access to their account. In other words, you’ll be in all facets of their smartphone.

You can use it to read messages, retrieve passwords, collect media files, and anything of the sort. The app is undoubtedly phenomenal. 

Such steps will take less than 5 minutes, and even if you are non-tech savvy, you will not face any difficulties.

How to Track Someone’s Kik Messages Remotely

Using a third-party tool like mSpy will grant your complete access to all text related activities on their phones. All you need to do is install the software into their phones remotely, or if you haven’t physical access to their phone, you can do so through iCloud credentials in the case of the iPhone.

Other methods include phishing, hacking software, resetting passwords if you have access to the email; if not, you can use email hacking. However, all of these methods are complicated and require technical skills. That’s why it is better to use spy apps.

How to Protect Your Kik Messenger

No matter how hard websites try to keep the user’s activities secure, there will always be a loophole that hackers can exploit – no matter how tiny. Hence, if you wish to secure your Kik account and keep it safe from hackers with malicious intentions, here are some tips to help you out.

  • Keep Your Email and Phone Number Private 

Your email address and phone number is one key a hacker might use to unlock your Kik account. Keeping it private is a surefire way to limit the possibilities of your account getting hacked.

  • Don’t Use the Same Password 

For instance, if a hacker gets access to your email, Facebook, or Twitter account, he might try the same login details on your Kik account. To prevent this from happening, use a completely different password for your Kik account. This act will reduce the possibility of you getting hacked.

  • Regularly Change Your Password

A skilled hacker can snoop around your Kik account without you being aware of his actions. Therefore, resetting your password is an excellent way to flush him out and regain control. The process might seem like a hassle, but in the end, it’s worth your while.

Is Hacking Legal? 

If you are a parent, who worries about their children’s activities on Kik, it is absolutely legal to employ a spy app on their phone. This way is the most advanced to protect them from online harm.

If you are an employer, you have all the legal rights to spy on your employees’ working phones and computers if you have mentioned it in your employment contract. For couples, you have to acknowledge your partner for your actions.

Final Words

If you are willing to hack Kik Messenger accounts to protect your children, make sure that your spouse is faithful, and control your employees, there is no better way to do so than to use spy apps like mSpy. With it, you can easily hack a Kik account while remaining undetectable.

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