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YouTube Account Hacks: 3 Hacking Tricks You Didn’t Know About

YouTube’s one of the biggest video-sharing platforms in the world. Hosting over a billion videos, it offers users a wholesome content-sharing and viewing experience. Its money-making features provide people and businesses the space to make a living by posting video content. Right now, the platform is home to over 2 billion monthly users publishing or viewing content.

On October 16th, 2011, Sesame Street’s YouTube channel got hacked, with pornographic content streamed for 22 minutes. Years later, in 2019, a YouTube account with 350,000 subscribers got hacked, leading to a massive loss for the victim. Due to these incidents and more, YouTube developers continue to work hard to improve their security. 

Despite the regular improvements the platform undergoes, taking control of someone’s account is now more possible than ever. If you need to hack a YouTube account using your smartphone, following this guide can help you achieve your goal.

Why Hack Someone’s YouTube Account?

While there’s so much potential in monetizing a YouTube channel, this process requires years of diligent work. YouTube channels need no special skills to set up; users can create as many accounts as they desire in no time. But, these channels must reach certain milestones and tick some boxes before they begin earning from them.

If you’re an upcoming YouTuber, setting up an account from scratch and building its followership to a significant level can be stressful and time-consuming. Or are you a conservative parent or partner that isn’t in support of the kind of content their kid or spouse posts on YouTube? If you’re in any of these situations, you might want to consider hacking their YouTube account.

While there are security measures put in place to secure YouTube accounts, hacking one has lots of benefits attached. Besides giving you control over its entire video library, hacking a YouTube account gives you a large followership base (as an aspiring content creator). You get to decide what goes out and who sees your posts.

YouTube Hack — Is It Possible and How?

hack youtube account

To ensure an excellent user experience, YouTube puts measures to protect its users’ security. You must be wondering if there’s any way to hack a YouTube channel. Like so many web users, you might have even been looking for ways to perform YouTube hacks online.

While the web offers lots of answers, you’ll have difficulty finding an option that works. For starters, it’s possible to hack into a YouTube account, and there are several ways to achieve that. Please note that these methods require hard work and commitment to deliver the result you need.

Using a Keylogger

It’s no news that YouTube is one of Google’s products. Hacking someone’s Google account is one of the easiest ways to perform a YouTube account hack.

A Keylogger is a tool that helps log information about keystrokes made on a computer on which it gets installed. It’s a popular way of seeing the password of a Google account. All you’ve got to do is install the program on your target’s personal computer.

As they log into their Google account, the keylogger logs keystrokes of their login details. In the log, you’ll find the exact information they typed, and you can go on to take control of their Google account.

Using Brute Force

When a hacker tries many passphrases or passwords in a bid to guess the correct one, it’s a brute force attack. While it’s a way to hack a Google account, it takes lots of time, but it’ll get you the desired result if you persevere.

Once you’re able to hack into the Google account, change the login details and profile to exercise control. Then, use the information to gain access to the YouTube account linked to it.

Using Spy Apps

Spy apps are tools that you install on mobile devices to monitor specific activities of a target. They’re instrumental in exposing the user to a series of viable information about their target. With spy apps, you gain access to confidential information on browser history, social media data, etc., on the person you’re spying.

These apps operate in ‘ghost’ mode to give the process an air of secrecy and ensure the user doesn’t get caught. This feature makes them an excellent choice of tools to hack a YouTube account.

If you want to pursue this option in getting a YouTube account hacked:

  1. Get access to the target’s mobile device.
  2. Install the app and set it up.
  3. Have their YouTube information, posts, and others recorded and uploaded to your online dashboard.

From this dashboard, which you must have created at the initial stage, you’ll be getting all the information you need. You’ll be able to see the target’s YouTube login information and other details.

One of the benefits of using spy apps is that you don’t need direct access to the target’s device after installing it (for Android users). You can monitor their device in an isolated location from any mobile device or computer system.

YouTube Hack Tool — The Role of Spy Apps

hack youtube account

Spy apps are excellent tools when it comes to taking control of a YouTube account. They offer you the freedom to access someone’s YouTube profile from afar, during which you can take control of it. Many of them come with keylogger features that enable you to record keystrokes made on the target’s device.


mSpy is one of the most famous and influential spy apps out there, with 85% of its user base singing its praises. It’s got lots of excellent, incredible features that make it the number one choice for anyone interested in spying. Besides its captivating features, its subscription prices are affordable.

Among others, mSpy allows you to monitor someone’s social media activities and web browser history. With it, you get to know when a target logs into their YouTube account and when they log out. You’ll be able to access their passwords while they’re inputting them, allowing you to have enough information to pull off a hack.

To use this app, all you’ve got to do is sign up on the spyware’s website by creating an account. Then, you’ll purchase a subscription, after which you’ll download the app on the target device. After that, set it up on the device and start using it.

For Android users, disable Google Play Protect services before downloading the spyware.


Hoverwatch is another fantastic tool for monitoring and hacking a YouTube account on mobile devices. It’s a simple mobile tracking app that runs in stealth mode, i.e., in the target device’s background. While on the device, it records and transfers information to your device.

With this tool, you can view the target’s web history, monitor their YouTube activities, and login information. It’s compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. To use this spyware, you’ve got to sign up for a free online account on their website. After that, download and install the app from your online dashboard. Then, start spying on their YouTube activities.


XNSPY is another monitoring spyware for tracking YouTube you can find. It’s suitable for parents, employers, or married folks that want to take control of their kids’, employees’, or partners’ YouTube account. Featuring all the essential tracking tools helps hacking social media accounts, location tracking, among others. It’s also got geofencing and keylogger attributes.

Setting up XNSPY is easy. The first thing to do is create an account on their website, after which you’ll choose a suitable subscription. Then, download and install the spyware on the target device. Now, log into your XNSPY dashboard and start monitoring.


Like other media platforms, YouTube users go to great lengths to secure their accounts, as they’re prone to hacking. Despite the security features put in place by developers, hacking a YouTube account isn’t impossible. If you’ve been looking for how to go about it, this guide is a great place to start.

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