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How to Hack Cell Phone Text Messages Stealthily With or Without Technical Expertise

The Short Messages System (SMS), by design, is one of the most secure channels for sending messages across the globe. Billions of people rely on SMS to exchange billions of text messages every day. However, the system is fraught with vulnerabilities that can be explored either out of curiosity, surveillance purposes, or even malicious intentions.

The Internet is flooded with landing pages and vendor sites, promising the best means to hack cell phone messages. Some text spying methods require steep technical specialties that preclude the non-tech-savvy. But there are also some turn-key, highly effective text spy apps that allow everyday spouses, parents, and employers to stealthily access other text messages.

Reasons to Hack Text Messages 

There’s a fine line between ethical hacking and malevolent hacking. The dichotomy lies in the moral and ethical justifications for the hacking. If your intentions fall into any of the following categories of reasons people hack text messages, then you’re on the right end of ethics and justice:

Parental monitoring: Parents have the moral and legal authority to oversee their children’s activities (both physical and digital), including their SMS conversations.

Spying on your spouse: People spy on their spouses when they see the tell-tale signs of cheating. In such cases, there are no malicious intentions since all you want is proof that your spouse has or has not been lying to you.

Monitoring employees: You may want to monitor your employees to ensure they fully adapt to and comply with your corporate culture.

How to Read Text Messages From Another Phone Without the Owner Knowing

Figuring your ethical bounds is only one piece of the puzzle of finding the best ways to hack someone’s text messages. When you have your intentions clearly set, you need to choose a solution that can blow winds to your sail. There’s a sea of text spying solutions in the market today, and the onus of a successful buyer’s journey falls on you. The solutions you opt for must be tailored to your unique situation, fit with your budget, and require no more technical skills than you currently have.

Among the freeways to read someone’s text messages include:

·  Using the forwarding function of the target phone to push copies of all incoming and outgoing text messages to your phone.

·  Syncing their iCloud account with your Apple ID in the case of iOS phones.

However, these methods come with a relatively higher risk of getting caught.

If you have a few bucks to spare, you can opt for crème-of-the-crop text spy apps that run discretely and allow you to monitor text messages remotely.

Using mSpy

With an impressive range of text spying tools accessible through a customer-oriented interface, mSpy is a first-rate text spy app designed for parents, spouses, and employers. From the download and installation process to the monitoring phase, mSpy offers a seamless, streamlined user experience.

The app mines data from a target phone discretely and then forwards them to the user remotely via the cloud. Once you have the app set up, all you need to do to read up on someone’s text message anytime is to log into your user dashboard and scroll to the text records with just a few clicks.

What’s more, the app can give you full coverage of all activities carried out on the target phone with feature stacks that include Whatsapp monitoring, call monitoring, GPS tracker, and a keylogger.

How to install mSpy on Android

mSpy is primarily geared towards the non-tech-savvy, but its capacity algorithm makes it also suitable for advanced users.

Nonetheless, the process of how to hack Android phone messages with mSpy is pretty straightforward.

Step 1: Register for an mSpy account: Visit mSpy’s official website and sign up for an account.

Step 2: Order a subscription package: Pick any of the subscription packages with a feature stack that suits your budget and personal needs, provide your contact information, and proceed to the checkout.

Step 3: Follow the installation instructions: You’ll receive a confirmation email from mSpy containing your transaction details, mSpy login credentials, and further instructions on how to set up the app. You’ll need to download the app on the target Android phone. You can always reach out to mSpy’s technical support anytime you run into challenges.

How to install mSpy on iPhone

The steps for installing mSpy on an iPhone are similar to those for Android. Simply follow through all the steps outlined above, but this time around, you won’t need to download the app physically to the target phone. All you need is the target phone’s iCloud credentials. You’ll only need physical access to the target phone if you don‘t already know your child’s Apple ID or to turn off two-factor authentication.

After downloading mSpy to your phone and entering the Apple ID of the target phone, you can simply log into your user dashboard anytime, anywhere to check up sent and received messages on their iPhone.

Spying Text Messages on Other Messengers

mSpy can also equip you to monitor your kid’s interactions with other messengers. That way, you’ll have a more holistic monitoring campaign to ensure your kid’s safety and well-being. mSpy allows you to check up on your kid’s activities on nearly all the popular social media platforms, from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and a host of others.

The app divulges just about every bit of information generated through the target’s social media handle. Including those shared publicly and privately. You’ll also get to see all their friends’ lists and the groups they belong to.

This message spying feature is also highly instrumental to employers who need to make sure their employers do not disclose the business’s trade secrets.

Other Key Features of mSpy

mSpy doesn’t just stop at monitoring messages. It lays the digital world of your target at your feet. You can use mSpy to monitor every move your target makes on their phone. Other equally essential monitoring features of mSpy include:

·  Call monitoring: Gain unfettered access to your target’s call records. Stay up to the speed of who they’re talking to on the phone. You’ll get to see the contact details of the caller/receiver, the call duration, as well as the time and date stamp of calls.

·  GPS tracker: Keep track of where your loved ones have been to or are going. You can also set up the geofencing feature to alert you whenever your target moves beyond a designated parameter.

·  Keylogger: With this feature, you gain access to records of every key pressed on the target phone. The records show what keys were pressed and for what reasons, enabling you to easily connect the dots to get a full picture of your target’s phone activities.

·  Browsing history records: The app also lets you keep track of all your children’s online activity, including the web pages they visit, the apps and files they upload/download, etc.

Spying on Text Messages Using Kali Linux 

Initially designed for digital forensics and penetration testing, Kali Linux is an open-source hacking tool that anyone, including you, can use to hack someone’s text messages. It basically entails cooking up a malicious APK file, which can give you remote access to a target phone where it’s been downloaded into.

The bait APK file contains the local IP address of the target phone and a command-line, which opens a portal between the target device and the hacker. You can then execute command lines on the target phone to mine various kinds of information, from text messages to media files, call records, and others.

You can execute the entire process from start to finish without the need to access the target phone. You only need to make sure the file is downloaded on the target phone.

However, steep programming knowledge is a prerequisite. If you don’t have this, then perhaps you’ll be better off trying out message hacking apps.

How to Get Someone’s Text Messages by Keylogger 

A keylogger can also help you gain access to copies of text messages on a target phone. A keylogger is a software that unveils every key pressed on the target phone for any reason. The app operates in stealth mode at the background of the target phone, without any icons on the phone menu or even the phone’s app lists.

Top-notch keyloggers like mSpy are easy to install and use, with a highly intuitive user interface that allows you to easily find the info you’re looking for at any particular time.

Keyloggers, like mSpy, also display information in a highly intuitive manner that makes it easier to grasp. For instance, it shows you that a set of keystrokes were typed into the “username” and “password” fields on a particular webpage or app interface.

Spying on Text Messages Using Real Hackers 

You can also hire a phone message hacker to hack someone’s text messages for you. These professionals can use what’s known as social engineering to lure your target to certain actions that allow their phones to be hacked. These professionals can get quite clever, and they could pass off as a close friend or relative, so your target will most likely not suspect a thing.

Alternatively, the hackers could also exploit loopholes in Signal System Seven, or SS7 – a primary component of the world’s mobile phone system.

However, these hacking techniques might end up exposing the target device to security concerns. Also, the hacker might need physical access to the target phone, which might prove difficult, depending on how protective or obsessed the phone owner is about the phone.

How to Intercept Text Messages Without Physical Access to the Target Phone

Many text spying solutions allow you to see other people’s text messages without gaining physical access to the phone. As noted earlier, you can use a hacking tool like Kali Linux to execute a smishing plot that installs software on the target phone to allow you to send commands to the phone remotely.

Once you’re able to get the phone owner to download the phishing APK file, you can execute command lines on the phone remotely to track and harvest just about any data on the phone. But the skills required to run such an operation isn’t something you can master in one sitting. You need to have steep expertise in programming to pull this off successfully.

If you’re non-tech-savvy, you can still learn how to see someone’s iMessages without them knowing through text spying apps. An app like mSpy, you only need the Apple credentials of the target phone to execute iPhone text message hacks. For Android phones, you only need physical access to the target phone just once for a few seconds to install the app. Afterward, you can check up on the target phone’s text messages anytime, anywhere, without needing access to the phone physically.

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Installing Software on Their Phone for Free

If you’re wary of installing software to monitor text messages on another phone, you can use the smishing method or, if the target is using an iPhone, you can use an app like mSpy. Note, however, that most methods for reading someone’s text messages without installing software require programming skills. Except you’re ready to pay to hire an expert hacker, you might need to use a method that requires software installation if you don’t have the necessary coding skills.

How to Hack Someone’s Text Messages From Another Phone Using mSpy

mSpy is designed for both the tech-savvy and the non-tech-savvy. The app gives you all you need to spy on someone’s text messages without breaking a sweat. Once you’ve purchased a subscription plan, you’ll be sent an easy-to-follow set of instructions on how to set up the app. Once you follow through with that, voila! You’ll have your target’s text messages at your fingertips anywhere anytime.

How to Hack into Someone’s Phone Messages for Free Using mSpy Free Trial

Another exciting thing about mSpy is that you can use the app for free for up to 7 days to get a feel for the app’s instrumentality. With the free version, you’ll learn how to hack iMessages, read emails, monitor app usage, track browsing activities, read messages on social media platforms, and do a lot more.

To begin your free trial, simply go to mSpy’s official website, click the “Get Free Trial” button, fill out your contact information, and submit your request.

Is It Legal?

Hacking is generally illegal, but there are exceptions to this rule. For one, you’re in the clear if you can establish a justifiable reason for hacking. This is mostly the case for the parents who need to supervise their children’s activities. You’re also in your legal rights if you’re monitoring your employees through work phones you supplied them, but they must also consent to the monitoring activities.

You can also monitor your spouses and partners, but you might have a legal battle at hand if you’re exposed because you’d need to prove that your actions didn’t jeopardize their safety or well-being.

Final Words

With the right monitoring tools, you can easily keep track of anyone’s text messages without alerting them. You can find monitoring solutions that suit your budget, technical skills, and unique personal needs. These apps can also give you access to virtually every information generated on the phone, from shared files to browsing history, call records, location data, and a whole lot more.

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